How to crack And mount, Install a game after downloading it

3 years ago

Step 1: How To Extract The .RAR:)

  • After Downloading All The Part All the Parts will in In RAR, To Extract Them we could use many Application/Software Such as WinRAR / Power ISO {Download WinRAR}
  • Now if you Have Downloaded The PC Game and it is in many Parts just like in Below Image ,Part 1 Part 2 Par 3 and Part 4 , Just Put Them all in the Same Folder,

How to crack And mount, Install a game after downloading it

Step 2:

  • Simply Right Click on The First part And Choose Extract Here { It will Automatically Detect The par 2 and part 3 and other parts  Second part and will ask you To Browse The Second File just Click on the Browse and Select In case if it asked :
How to install a game in Parts

Step 3:

  • Care Fully Copy And paste the Given password if the File is Password Protected and start the Extracting The files:
How to install a game in Parts

Step 4:

  • After Step 3 Extrecting All the Parts You may get A Set/Pair of RAR Files,No worries You may Get Few ISO Files Also:
How to mount ISo PC Game File in windows

Step 5:How To Open ISo Files on Demon Tool Software:

Now you need to Install Demon Tool To Mount Those Files Click on The below Image and Follow all the Steps:
  • Click the button 3,And  find your image file and click on the  button (open)

How to mount ISo PC Game File in windows
  • Button 1  To add a virtual device used by Daemon App.
  • Button 2: To delete a virtual device
  • Button 3: allows US to search an image file on your hard
  • Button 4: allows US to access The options.

Step 6: How To Crack The Games:

Usually Crack is in That ISO File We Mounted By Demon Tool, it is needed because some games wont play without This crack file:
  • Open The crack Folder and Copy all the Files And paste it Where you have install the game, It may ask to Replace Click on Replace it 

For example :

  • C:Program Files (x86)Game Installed Folder)
Crack pc game how to

Step 7: IF you Need To Change the Game Language/How to Change PC Game Language

  • If you wanted to change PC Game language (It Can Only Happen if That Game Support Yours Language)
  1. Now Go to game directory Where You have Installed Your Game:
  2. In The Next Step open the .ini file (Example steam_api.ini) or (steam_emu.ini) or (codex.ini) or (skidrow.ini) or (3dmgame.ini)
  3. if your windows hide the common extensions, the name of file will be without the ini, example (steam_api). the icon looks like a txt file icon)
  4. To Change the line   (language=english)   by your game language for example Language = french or (Language = italian) or (Language = German) or (Language = Spanish) or (Language = Spanish)or (Language = russian) or (Language = Dutch ) or (Language = tchinese)

Important Note:: 

The line in steam_api is case sensitive, write it in lowercase letters: 


  • spanish          NOT Spanish  
  • english          NOT English)


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